Are You Trying For A Baby?

Are you trying for a baby? One in six couples are having difficulty conceiving. Infertility is escalating, and is a sign that something is not quite right in your and/or your partner’s health. First, it could be due to irregular menstrual cycles, unexplained infertility, lack of ovulation or polycystic ovaries. Whilst for men it may be poor sperm quality or sperm count. These are just a few of the many factors contributing to fertility challenges.

Trying for a baby has become increasingly difficult for many couples today. Now you have decided to start a family, it may not be as easy or as quick as you thought. You may be facing a barrage of tests, to possibly discover the cause of sub-fertility. This can be like an emotional roller-coaster, consuming and overwhelming, for any couple. You may be filled with hope and anticipation that this may be the month. Only to discover that you are not pregnant and will keep trying. You feel like you have few options and quickly recommended treatment with a fertility specialist to begin IVF etc.

Fertility and reproductive health faces many challenges today. Involving toxic environmental exposure, nutritional deficiency, infection and immune dysfunction. Along with the problems of stress and advancing age for many prospective parents. Furthermore, these problems can also affect the health of our children and the adults they become.

There is hope – prepare for pregnancy.

Preconception health care for both parents is increasingly being shown to be an essential start to pregnancy. It can have significant benefits for fertility and the health of the mother, the pregnancy and your most precious baby.

Start optimising your health now. Without a doubt, a healthy body is a fertile body. Let our experienced Naturopath help make your dreams come true. Call the clinic today!