Trying for a baby has become increasingly difficult for many couples. It is not only affecting women in their forties. Now that you have decided to start a family or try for number two, it may not be as easy or as quick as you thought. Irregular menstrual cycles, unexplained infertility, lack of ovulation, polycystic ovaries, poor sperm quality or sperm count are some of many factors contributing to fertility problems. You may be facing a barrage of tests to possibly discover the cause, and waiting month after month to be pregnant. This can be an emotional roller-coaster, consuming and overwhelming for any couple or individual.

One in six Australian couples are struggling with fertility. So improving preconception health is even more important. There is hope – prepare for pregnancy. Preconception care, is increasingly being shown to be an essential start to pregnancy for prospective parents. That’s right, if you have a male partner it’s not just about focusing on the health of the female body. For healthy fertility, it take two and there needs to be a focus on both the male and the female. Especially considering there are many male factors influencing difficulties conceiving as well as miscarriage ratee. Healthy sperm are essentials for fertilisation to take place successfully and can also promote optimal birth outcomes.

Improving your health during this time has significant benefits for fertility. Whilst optimising the chances of conception, a healthy pregnancy and the future health of your child. Whilst giving you the best possible chance of success. You have so much to gain when you prepare and set the foundations for your child’s blueprint.
Your health in the lead up to pregnancy can greatly affect your fertility. You and your partner need optimal health to provide your bodies with the appropriate building blocks to make your healthiest baby. Each month, you get one shot in a 24 hour window, and that DNA is the instruction manual for every single cell. Fertility and reproductive health faces many challenges today. From increasing toxic environmental exposure, nutritional deficiency, along with the problems of stress and advancing age for many prospective parents.


Understandably, most couples are keen to conceive as quickly as possible. Preconception care ensures all minor or major factors affecting fertility are dealth with prior to conception attempts. Optimising your health, implementing improvements and maximising your fertility takes time to be effective.

Healthy eggs and sperm take around 120 days to develop. Start preconception care a minimum of three months prior to “trying” to increase your chance of success. As well as providing time to identify, address and improve any general health, reproductive, lifestyle, toxicity and environmental issues that may affect your fertility. Ensure your body has optimal nutrition and supply of all those factors essential to the health of eggs and sperm, healthy conception and foetal development. With the absence of all those things which have been shown to be harmful, including stress and toxins.
Being healthy and preparing your body in the lead up to pregnancy is so important. The rewards these months of preparation to make your healthiest baby can offer you are well worth your commitment, and extend far beyond nine months – they last a lifetime. By improving your health, you create a stronger and healthier environment to increase your chances of getting that positive test result of you becoming pregnant, whether naturally or assisted.

You need a healthy body, healthy eggs and sperm to conceive naturally or for even IVF to be successful.

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It would be my honour to be a part of your fertility journey and to support you along the way. I am respectful that not every woman born female will be undertaking this journey with a male born partner.