Don’t Let Tiredness Get You Down; Reinvigorate With Our Fatigue Naturopath in Melbourne

Above the kidneys, the adrenal glands produce over 50 hormones, including cortisol, necessary for optimal functioning. However, adrenal glands can deplete during prolonged stress, no longer yielding these essential hormones, resulting in chronic fatigue.

Common symptoms include tiredness, especially just after waking up, salt and sugar cravings, poor mood control and stress response, brain ‘fog’, stimulant overuse, and weakened immunity.

If you recognise these symptoms, consider help from an experienced fatigue naturopath in Melbourne.

The Benefits of a Naturopath for Tiredness

Fatigue is something many people suffer with but you can feel better with healthy eating, appropriate exercising, the right supplements and natural stress relief management. Management may also involve testing to get an understanding of why you feel the way you do, positive lifestyle changes, optimising your diet with quick and easy recommendations, good quality sleep, herbal, and nutritional supplementation.

Consider the advantages of a naturopath for adrenal fatigue in Melbourne:

  • Diet guidance: One of the main objectives is to balance and control blood sugar, as frequent sugar rushes and crashes place excessive stress on adrenal glands. A naturopath can help with a low sugar, low stimulant diet full of blood sugar-balancing whole grains, healthy protein and fats, fresh vegetables, and adequate hydration. Eating regularly and well, may help the adrenals heal over time. Inner Reward’s experienced Naturopath knows how difficult it can be to make diet or lifestyle changes when you feel exhausted. It is important that we give you realistic and easy to implement recommendations. In fact, diet may not be your first priority, but rather getting you feeling better.

  • Exercise and relaxation techniques: Gentle exercises such as walking, and yoga can help strengthen your adrenals without exhausting you. In addition, your naturopath will teach you how to manage feelings of stress, including meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness.
  • Supportive supplements: Herbal and nutritional supplements specific to your needs can help support and heal your adrenal functioning to address tiredness. For example, herbs such as Rehmannia, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola can help balance cortisol levels. In addition, a range of nutritional supplements can help, including B vitamins, vitamin C, probiotics, zinc, and magnesium.

Inner Reward offers compassionate and skilled naturopath services to help you manage stress and recover optimal energy levels and wellness.

What Sets Us Apart as a Naturopath for Chronic Fatigue in Melbourne?

We believe that ‘health is wealth’. As such, we offer:

  • Comprehensive testing: We use various tests to help identify and understand the cause of your health concerns, which may include food sensitivity and allergy testing, hormone saliva testing, finger-prick tests for omega-three indexing, gut microbiome mapping, and DNA testing.
  • A natural, holistic approach: Chronic fatigue and adrenal insufficiency don’t just happen. Instead, these syndromes happen over time in response to various stressors and environmental toxins. Hence, our management focuses on physical and emotional and mental factors.
  • Wide experience and capability: More than 20 years of naturopathic experience and the ability to address a broad range of ailments ideally positions us to understand and help address your health concerns, whether adrenal fatigue, anxiety or infertility.

We also accommodate your needs by offering in-person consultations at our Melbourne location or online telehealth appointments.

Rely on Inner Reward for Helping Increase Energy and Vitality

We specialise in helping to restore and revitalise your health naturally. So, you can trust us to help you get your energy and quality of life back.

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