Naturopath Melbourne - Dealing With Insomnia


"I honestly can’t thank Rebecca enough. She is kind, friendly and so encouraging. I had been feeling exhausted and basically awful for over a year. I had attended my GP frequently and had many blood tests that all came back “normal”. I was prescribed medication I felt wasn’t going to help, but didn’t know what else to do- if my GP recommended it I thought it would help- it didn't. I had been suffering from constant tiredness, not able to concentrate or focus- I even found holding a conversation hard, i was forgetful and found it hard to retain new information, I had trouble staying asleep- yet fell asleep on the couch every night, I also suffered many headaches and a constant feeling of “I can’t be bothered”. But after speaking to Rebecca I felt hope! I followed her advise and made some lifestyle changes and took the supplements she prescribed, within days I noticed small difference and within 2 weeks I felt AMAZING. I feel better than I ever expected possible. I honestly feel like I am now enjoying life rather than enduring it." - Bec, via Google