Natural Fertility, IVF & Preconception Care

Give your child the best possible start to life!  What you do in the time leading up to conceiving and being pregnant enhances the foundations you are laying for your babies conception, growth, health and development.  It is never too early to start planning and preparing for pregnancy.

You may just be starting to think about trying for a family.  For others you may have difficulties falling pregnant, have been told you have “unexplained infertility”, on the fertility rollercoaster of life revolving around your cycle, hormones and all the joy of baby making has long gone.

Preconception care for both parents can make a profound difference for the establishment of appropriate fertility and pregnancy. It ensures there is an adequate supply of all those factors which are essential to the health of the eggs and sperm, fetal development and an absence of all those things which have been shown to be harmful. In order to achieve this, preventative and curative measures should ideally be in place for at least 3 months prior to conception. This involves minimising toxic exposure, ensuring adequate nutrition status and maximising fertility.

The formation of sperm takes up to 116 days and the ova require 100 days prior to ovulation for maturation

During the preconception time, both are susceptible to damage (e.g. from cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides, radiation, caffeine) and need adequate nutrition to ensure healthy development. Most couples are keen to conceive as quickly as possible, however preconception care ensures all underlying causes are dealt with prior to conception attempts, rather than seeking reasons after problems have occurred.

At Inner Reward, we believe there is always a reason why it is taking so long.  There are many reasons.  From stress, nutritional deficiencies, sperm irregularities to hormones not working as they should.  Couples may even be too tired  and exhausted to even try, the fertility journey so far may be putting added pressure and stress on the relationship, or for the woman, she may feel that her body is failing her and is losing hope that it will ever happen.  There is always a reason.  Let us help you discover what is going on.  It’s time to start “Conception Connection”.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower“ Alexander den Heijer

Nutritional requirements are high during pregnancy to meet the demands of foetal growth and the health of your pregnancy. However due to the speed of development of the foetus, many important processes occur very early in the pregnancy and are dependant on the existing nutritional and toxicology status of both parents. Foetal development, especially in the first few days, is dependant on the supply of nutrients from the egg and sperm. A number of foetal abnormalities and childhood developmental problems have been found to be related to nutritional deficiencies before and during pregnancy.

Putting in the time and effort can provide outstanding results.  It can also enhance the success rates of assisted reproductive technique procedures if that is were you are at.  We look forward to helping you.


Below is a list of some of the questions I get asked the most:

What can I do to help improve my fertility?

There are many things that can negatively affect your fertility.  From nutritional deficiencies, stress, toxicity, hormonal imbalances and poor sperm health.  I encourage you to prepare for pregnancy for at least three months before you start trying.  It takes around this length of time to improve egg and sperm quality as well as addressing any minor or major obstacles getting in your way.

It is also important for your partner to be part of this preconception stage.  I want you to have the best health and fertility possible.  For that to be achieved, I work with both the male and female, otherwise I am just working on female hormone health.  Remember, you are both as equally important in making a new life as well as laying the foundations for the health of your precious baby.  What you put in you will get out.  I am a big believer that it is never to early to start preparing for your healthiest baby possible.

I’ve tried so many things for this problem, can you help me?

I have seen many health conditions in my 20 years as a Naturopath.  With some patients coming to me as a last resort.  What I suggest is that you book in for a complimentary health discovery session.  You can share with me what your health concerns are, what your ideal health looks like and what you have tried so far.  Over a chat we can work out whether I am the right person to help you achieve your health goals.  If I think someone else would be more appropriate to help you then I would certainly point you in the right direction.  So, for a little bit of your time and at no cost, you have so much to gain and discover.

Do you have another question?

You may have more questions.  I would love to explain things further for you.  Please call 0404 096 801.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.