Optimise Your Health With a Naturopath.

As a Naturopath, my aim is to take a holistic approach to helping you regain control over your health.  You can make a difference and optimise your health with a Naturopath.  Start the journey to wellness today.  Optimal health really does change everything.

Your wellness journey begins with an initial consultation.  To find the cause of your health concerns and to get a better picture of your overall health, a full health history is taken.  Additional diagnostic tools may also be used and may include functional pathology testing, Iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis, blood pressure, urine pH, as well as health questionnaires or cycle charting.  Review of pathology or other test results are also useful.  My recommendations may also include further clinical or pathology testing, depending on your individual circumstances.  I consider all of these pieces of information as puzzle pieces for your health.

From this information, your wellness program is based.  Your treatment plan is personalised medicine at it’s very best, and all based on your individual needs and goals.  If needed you will be prescribed the very best, practitioner strength natural medicines to further help you achieve great results.  Regaining, restoring and maintaining your health can take time.

Treating the cause of a problem gives you longer lasting results rather than just treating a symptom.

To start feeling good again optimise your health with a Naturopath and book an appointment today.  Call 0404 096 801.

In good health x Rebecca